Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday May 17, 2010-Moving Day, Elkhart Campground to Red Roof Inn

It was freezing this morning inside the trailer. I had checked the propane a few days ago when it was in the shop and we still had propane in one cylinder and the other was shut off, so I thought we would be good, but apparently the first cylinder ran out and the guys in the shop opened the second cylinder and they both had run out. Whoops!

It's still nice to sleep in our trailer and we will miss it tonight, but we got up early and were at the factory shop about 8:10 this morning. Jim F. was already there, looking at another trailer that had been brought in. He said that there was a lot of interest in our rig because there are questions about the Lippert frame being welded and gusseted properly and the Heartland aluminum frame that supports the walls and roof. I guess we'll see what they find.

We left to get a motel room and eat breakfast. Jim had reserved a room at the Executive Inn but we weren't sure if they took animals, and of course, we can't forget Cassie girl! We told him the Red Roof Inn was fine with us, and after leaving, we went to the motel and got checked in. Our old room wasn't available but another similar one was, so we took it. We ate breakfast and went back to the trailer to get a few more things but it had been moved to the corporate parking lot so someone there can look at it. We got our things out of the trailer and left and went to our room and unloaded everything. Cassie was happy to be in a great big 'ol bed again, so she was happy.

We decided to drop some of our clothes and to pick up some records that Stella was going to shred. Our trailer had been moved from the corporate lot back to the shop. When we arrived, the front had been stripped and they were preparing the sidewalls for inspection and repair. I talked to Keith, the tech that was working on it but he still didn't know where the bad weld(s) were. We got the things out of the trailer and left. We found the Salvation Army boxes and dropped off the old clothes and decided to fill up the truck. We had found some diesel at a good price, so we took 50.8 gallons to go 505.8 miles for a 9.95 MPG average.

It gad started to rain while we were filling up, so I decided to stop at the Pontiac dealer to have the Service Engine Soon light checked and repaired. This is a very small dealership and they don't usually work on many diesels, but they ran down the code and determined that a module was needed which they didn't have. They said they could get it in 2 or 3 days but we hope to be on our way back to Texas by then. We paid them for their time in checking out the problem and got a part number for what we need and left.

Stella has been wanting some frozen custard, so we found a Culver's and had supper there. Another good husband award for Jay! I got Stella coffee today (twice) and now got her the frozen custard she wanted. What a guy!!

Closing on that one...

So long.

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