Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday May 6, 2010-Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

We woke this morning, hoping to get the call that our trailer was ready, so we could start moving back in. CJ and JD called and asked us to go eat breakfast with them at Cock-A-Doodle, a local restaurant and favorite of truckers and Police Officers. The food was good and there was plenty of it!

We left the restaurant and decided to go by the factory to check on the trailer's progress but I wanted to stop at an AT & T store to have my phone set to send and receive email. We met a very nice man named Tom Jenks at the store on Cassopolous. He spent almost two hours trying to help me get set up, but he finally called technical support and learned that there is something wrong with my phone. I haven't had this phone that long and have never had it set up for email, but its bad. I made arrangements to have a new phone sent to me at Rayford and while there, I looked at some new phones. To make a long story short, I ended up buying a new IPhone with all the bells and whistles. Poor Tom spent about five hours selling me a phone and all the accessories. Of course, a lot of that time was spend showing me some of the features of the new phone.

About 2 o'clock, during Tom's ordeal of selling me a phone, I got a call from Jim F. at Heartland. He said that the trailer was done and that we could come over and start putting our things away. We finally got to the factory about 4 o'clock and began working on the trailer. I got everything in the underbelly storage put away and helped Stella with some of the inside stuff. We emptied three boxes back into the trailer but there are still a lot of boxes to be done tomorrow. We walked around the outside of the trailer and inspected it but weren't able to open the slides to check the interior. We'll check it tomorrow. At least we've started to move back into our home.

We were tired and went to eat at Cracker Barrel tonight. It was a nice way to end the day and we went for a ride around Elkhart before returning to the motel for another night. I think we have decided to stay one more night in the motel because we won't have any place to keep Cassie tomorrow during the day while we reload the trailer, so we'll leave her here in the motel and come back during the day to let her out.

Whoopee, we're almost back home!!

So long.


Melissa said...

MAN! You got a new iPhone?? I need a new one too, shoulda gotten 2, one for me & one for you :-) Mine is the ghetto 2G and I have a busted speaker. You should feel bad for your poor baby girl...see, we could play games and I can tell you all the cool apps you need.

The first one you need? WORDS WITH FRIENDS! There is a free version, it's just like Scrabble and super fun!

Jim said...

iPhone? Cool Jay. Download the Facebook app :)