Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday May 5, 2010-Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

Today was a very easy day. Stella and I went to the Golden Egg restaurant again for breakfast and came back to our motel room. I called Jim F. at Heartland to find out about the trailer but learned that it was not ready yet but may be finished this afternoon. I told him that we were thinking about the Mor Ryde suspension and asked his opinion of it. He said that everyone he knows that has it loves it but he has no first hand experience with it. I told him that I would call back in the afternoon to check on the progress.

Stella said she needed to wash some clothes, so we went to Wal Mart for her to buy a few things and soap to wash the clothes, and after we got that, we went to a local laundromat. I did my usual and sat in the truck reading while she washed the clothes. We rode over to Mor Ryde and spoke to Howard and Linda again who were waiting for their unit to be completed. We told them that it didn't look too good to get ours done this time, but we would get it done another time. We talked to Ben, the salesman at Mor Ryde and gave him the news. He said he could get us in as late as noon tomorrow but that they would have to work late on Friday, possibly as late as 4 o'clock but we decided not to do that. I don't want anyone to have to work late on a Friday afternoon to work on my suspension. We will just get the work done when we come back to Elkhart for the Heartland rally.

We came back to our room and relaxed for awhile. I called Jim again and learned that the trailer work was done but they needed to run it through their rain check tank to check it for leaks and that it needed some decals that had not come in yet. He said he hoped they would come in tomorrow or Friday.

Now bummed about the news about the trailer, we stayed here for awhile and later went to eat at Applebys. The motel had given us discount cards for several restaurants around town and we used one tonight. The food was good and we went for a ride after eating into Michigan. We drove about 25 miles into Michigan, just enjoying the evening and the weather.

So long.

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Charlie and Peggy said...

Getting Close now Jay,,Hope yall get on the road soon!