Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15, 2010-Moving day, Sikeston MO to Terre Haute IN

We woke this morning to much cooler temperatures and cloudy weather. I had looked online at the weather forecast (guess) and there was not much of a rain forecast for either Sikeston or Terre Haute, so it looks like a good day for traveling.

The very first stop we made was at the Express Fuel Center right next door to the RV park. They still have the cheapest prices on diesel that we have found on the entire trip, so we took advantage of it again. We took on 61.6 gallons to go 593.1 miles for a 9.6 MPG average. We pulled out of the station at 9:30AM. Also, as soon as I stopped fueling, it started to rain. Big 'ol drops that would have soaked me if I had still been outside. The rain only lasted a few minutes, but we had rain showers off and on just about all the way to Terre Haute.

We made good time today and only made two stops. We have decided to stop more often to stretch our legs. We have been really cramped when we arrived, so we're experimenting with stopping more. Since we only do short days, we have plenty of time. We are both tired of driving and can't wait to get the trailer fixed and go to Timber Ridge to relax and not travel so much. This is a different kind of traveling this week, but it should be over soon. I have been talking to others that have gone through this same issue, and am confident that the problem is with the aluminum sidewall either being welded improperly or not welded at all.

We pulled into the KOA at about 2 o'clock our time. Don't forget that when we crossed into Indiana, we are in the Eastern time zone and an hour ahead of you in the Central zone. They have a new process for those that make early reservations and have an email address. They emailed me a confirmation number, so when we were approximately 10 minutes out, we called and someone was waiting to escort us to our site. I still had to go to the office to formally check in, so it really didn't save me any time but they're trying. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it started raining much harder when we arrived. We got all set up in short order and after the rain slacked up I went to the office to check in. The people in this park are very helpful and friendly and we like this park very much. It's still a KOA though...

They served a supper of chicken over biscuits that we decided to eat. When we got through eating, I made the rounds of Heartland owners in the park and visited with them for awhile before coming into the house and relaxing for the rest of the evening. I worked on this blog entry and went to bed early.

So long.

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Norton Family said...

Wish we had know you were in Terre Haute. Ellen and I were just down the road from you about 20 minutes. She is on the project in Robinson, IL. We ate Friday night at Outback there at Exit 7/I70..