Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday May 27, 2011-Moving Day-I-30 RV Park to Hinton RV Park, Sikeston MO

Here we are, all packed up and ready to pull out from the I-30 RV Park for Sikeston MO. We did pretty well this morning, pulling out about 9:15 and after a couple of pit stops, pulled into Hinton RV Park about 2:30. We had a good drive up here with no problems and not bad traffic. The roads in Arkansas need some work. I am surprised that nothing fell off the trailer or out of the cabinets when we got here.

Tramp wasn't too worried about the bad roads. He slept in the front seat a good part of the trip. I'm not sure what has happened to him because he and Cassie sleep in the back seat in their beds but he has started to come into the front seat. I guess he's lonesome.

There was still a lot of high water. We haven't crossed the Mississippi yet and I hope we can get some good photos of that to share with you tomorrow.

We passed a couple of miles of sandbags stacked up beside the road. When we got here to the park, the manager said that the intersection where we turned off the highway had flooded and the park had a lot of water in it, but it's all gone now and all is back to normal.

After we got here, we had intended to go to Lambert's Cafe, home of the Throwed Rolls for supper, but Stella picked up one of their menus and the prices have gotten outrageous! At least we thought so and since we have been there a few times before, we decided to stay home and not overeat at inflated prices.

After supper, I went for a walk around the park and its cold! I can't believe the temperatures the last couple of days. It was very nice in Tyler but it was nice and warm. It turned cooler last night and we haven't had to run the air conditioner since we left Tyler. I like it, but its cool tonight. I hope the nice weather holds out. These people in Missouri deserve it.

So long.

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