Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday May 22, 2011-#1 RV Park of Tyler

We woke this morning and went to church with Linda and Doug and other members of the family at the Green Acres Baptist Church. This is a huge church that takes up two full city blocks and an even huger (is that a word?) congregation. I remember as a kid, getting all dressed up in my "Sunday Best" clothes to go to church, but thats not the case here. We saw people in everything from worn out jeans to very short skirts in this church. It is one of the most laid-back Baptist churches I have ever been in. They have a large choir and a full orchestra. Another nice touch is that you don't have to use your glasses to see the small print in the hymnal, the words to the songs are on the video screen. Kind of made me feel presidential, with the teleprompter and all...

Janie had been working hard the past few days on the party at Linda's house, so she and Gail stayed in their hotel room from church. We all went over to Linda and Doug's for a pizza lunch and had some more fine visiting with family and friends. After finishing our lunch, we exchanged hugs and handshakes as we all left their house, us for the RV park and others for their respective homes. It had been a fine weekend.

We came back home to find a huge pond under the trailer. My first thought was "what else will go wrong on this trip?" but I changed into some shorts and crawled under the trailer to check on the problem. I found water running out of the underbelly, in the area where the guys at Genuine RV had worked on it. This had not been running when we left this morning for church because water had run over into the grass under the porch, and we would have seen it this morning. I removed one of the bolts that hold the belly material and a steady stream of water ran out. I couldn't figure out where the water was coming from so I left it alone for awhile to drain. I came back out in about 15 minutes and the water was still running but not as fast as before. I decided to drain all the tanks to see if that helped, and sure enough, as soon as I drained the gray water tanks, the leak slowed and finally almost stopped. Bob at Genuine RV had told me that they had drained the #1 tank, but I suspect they only drained a little bit out and left the tank either full or almost full and by now the tank was over full and may have leaked at the vent tube out the top of the tank. I watched the leak for the rest of the afternoon and it had slowed to a very small drip in an hour or so, and I hope that my diagnosis is correct. I will call Bob at the shop tomorrow to check with him about it, but am pretty confident that the problem bas been solved.

Later in the afternoon, I was outside checking on the water leak when another Bighorn trailer pulled into the site next door. I waited a few minutes for them to get set in the site and went over and talked to the man. It turns out that I know him from the Heartland Owners forum as TandT. His name is Trace and his wife's name is Terry, and they are Heartland owners club members, on their way to Goshen also. We had a nice chat and Stella brought our two doggies out to meet them and their two Yorkies. They are full-timers too with a house in California that they rent to their son. We decided to travel together to Goshen, since they have never been there. It will be nice to have someone to travel with. We sat outside later in the evening after it started cooling off and talked for a few hours. When the lightning got closer and we felt a few raindrops, we called it a night. Its a small world...

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

More huge may be what you are looking for. Hope your tank thing is solved. I hate those pesky little things that pop up on trips. Glad you have a traveling companion. Makes the trip more enjoyable.