Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday May 24, 2011-#1 RV Park of Tyler

Another laid-back day in Tyler today. We stayed home most of the day and took it easy. While taking my walk this morning, I saw a mobile dog groomer in the park, so I stopped by and arranged for Cassie to be all prettied up. Stella took her over while I took the clothes and shoes that we had gathered up yesterday to the Goodwill store.

Remember that microfiber bath mat that we bought last week? I noticed that it looked really dirty, with footprints and marks on it. I quickly learned that it wasn't dirt but just the material. When you smooth the material back down, the marks go away, so I am relieved. I would hate to think that we spent $30 on a bath mat that showed dirt that bad.

Man, theres a lot of traffic in this town! Its almost like we're back in Houston. I guess its good that we're out here in the boonies. We've had a good time and the relaxation because we know we'll be busy when we get to Indiana for the rally.

Stella wanted mexican food for supper, so of course, being the good husband I am, I took her to the Jalapeno Tree restaurant. It was a very nice place and we enjoyed our meal. It won't be long until we won't have good mexican food. Those Amish folks in Indiana don't know anything about salsa and jalapeno peppers.

I've got to go get ready to start packing up to leave soon.

So long.

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