Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday May 21, 2011-#1 RV Park of Tyler

It had rained all night, or at least it was still raining when I went to bed at ten, and it was cool again this morning. I have to say, the weather has been cooperating for us on this trip. It has been refreshingly cool at night and mostly just warm in the daytime, not the searing hot that we usually get in the spring.

We went over to Bullard, a small town outside of Tyler to look at another park that recently opened up there, the KE Bushman Campground. Its a long way over there and the signage of the park is not very good. When you get to the top of a hill, the park is right there. There is also a winery there, and there are highway signs for that, but no advance warning or signs exist. Beyond that, the park is pretty nice, but there is a lack of concrete in a brand new park. There are runners for the wheels of your truck and trailer or motorhome but no patios. There are no picnic tables, so if you want to sit outside, you will be in the grass, and probably be sitting in mud when the park gets a few visitors that can't keep their wheels on the concrete. When you first get to the park, all you can see are back-in sites but on the other side there are pull-thru's. The pull-thru sites are very long, giving you plenty of space for your tow(ed) vehicle, but it will be interesting to see what it looks like after a lot of visitors.

As I said, its a long way outside of Tyler and if you are visiting there, that may come into play, but we'll likely try it sometime in the future. One good thing is that I found two service stations that have diesel fuel for $3.79 per gallon, so I stopped at one and filled up both tanks. I carefully filled the big tank, watching for leaks, but didn't see any, thank goodness. It looks like we probably lost about 14-15 gallons out of the tank when the leak occurred. Thats not as bad as I first feared, but still, 15 gallons at $4.00 per gallon is a lot of money. That almost enough to take us on one leg of this trip.

We returned to Tyler and did a little shopping at Sam's and Wal Mart. Gotta do our part to keep the Walton family among the richest people in the world. We came back home and relaxed for awhile before going to Linda and Doug's house for their 30th anniversary party. Janie did herself proud with this party. There was plenty of food and drink and all had a good time. It was good to see the family and many that we haven't seen in a long time. We sat at the table with Jack and his wife Laura and had a very nice time chatting and exchanging stories with them. The weather turned out perfect! Janie had stressed over the rain forecast but everything worked out very well. It was cloudy which kept the temperatures down and there was a nice breeze. Linda and Doug have done a great job of landscaping their back yard and it certainly paid off today.

We came back home and guess what? Tramp hadn't torn up anything! Sometimes we leave and he will find a small piece of paper and shred it or one of my shoes that he loves to disassemble, but not today. He was a good little boy and glad to see us.

So long.


TravelTiger said...


Thanks for checking out KE Bushman's Camp. I looked it up online, looks like a nice place close-by we might visit for a weekend. We ended up not going to Canton because of the predicted weather, but got the 5ver ready for our next opportunity. Take care!

Ted and Donna said...

Still no rain down this way.