Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday May 11, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well today is our last full day here at Rayford. I went to the donut shop and picked up some kolaches for the guys this morning and of course, picked up some croissants for Stella to munch on. Tomorrow will likely be our last men's coffee until the winter Texans return in the fall.

I put away some of the outside items during the day and then washed the truck. Since Plum Creek in front of the park and Geneva is being re topped, it is muddy and dusty, and my truck was filthy. It took awhile, but I got it done. Of course, it looked like rain all day and in fact this evening it did rain. Of course, when we left to run our errands, they had come in and put fresh oil down in preparation for the asphalt that will probably be laid tomorrow. I only got a little bit of oil on the truck and it shouldn't be too hard to remove but I'll wait until we get to Terrell or maybe all the way to Tyler.

We took some more clothes to the Goodwill box and dropped off two sacks of paperback books that belong to Donna at her house. We missed seeing her but I'm sure we'll see them somewhere in Michigan later in the summer.

We ate supper at the brand new Furr's Fresh Buffet that just opened today on I-45. The food is as good as ever and I know we'll return there. Ironically, I met the new store manager, Gary Davis. Gary is from Galveston originally and told me that his father, McKinley Davis was the Principal of Ball High school around the time that my brother Phil was going there. It is indeed a small world.

I filled the truck up with fuel and returned home, now ready to hook up in the morning and pull out. I took the porch and steps down and put them away in the truck, so I am as ready tonight as I can be.

I am anxious to get back on the road, but also a bit apprehensive. It's just the routine jitters and worries about things breaking or falling off... I'll be fine as soon as I get out on the highway.

So long.

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