Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday May 18, 2011-Paradise Lake RV Resort

First of all, I need to make a correction from a few days ago. Remember when I showed you the pictures of the bird and nest that was on our site in Terrell. I called the birds sparrows, when in fact they were killdeer. A comment was made about them, and then I got an email that described the exact actions of the birds, so I must stand corrected. Sorry about that!

This morning, we both slept in again. I guess getting back to retired mode instead of getting up to drink coffee with the guys and getting up to go to work mode is catching up with us. Anyway, we decided to go out for breakfast this morning, so about 9 o'clock, off we went. Trying to find a little cafe that served great east Texas breakfasts, and relying on the GPS to find a restaurant, the first two places we went to were only open in the afternoon. They are near the college, so I wasn't really surprised. Not too many college students get up to eat a good breakfast I guess. After getting aggravated, we decided to go to the I-Hop where we knew we could get a good breakfast all the time. Of course, it was a good meal and we enjoyed people watching while there.

On the way, we went into the historic downtown area of Nacogdoches. The brick streets brought back memories of my childhood when we used to come to Nacogdoches to visit and drove over those same streets. Nacogdoches bills itself as the oldest town in Texas. According to Wikipedia, there is evidence of a "town" at this location dating back 10,000 years. Personally, I have always been suspicious of such claims. How do they know it was 10,000 years? Could it have been 8,000 or was it 12,000? I'm sure that there is some scientist out there that will correct me, but I'm just suspicious by nature.

The town of Nacogdoches was designated as a "pueblo" or town while under their control in 1779, thereby making it the first town in Texas. Colonel Antonio Gil Y'Barbo laid out the original street in the town and built a large stone house for use in his trading business. The house, or Old Stone Fort as it's known today was the gateway from the United States to the great Texas frontier.

The town has been under more flags than the State of Texas, with nine. In addition to the six flags of Texas, it also flew under the Magee-Gutierrez Republic, the Long Republic and the Fredonia Republic. So much for your history of Nacogdoches lesson. No test will be given.

We came back here to the park and Stella washed our clothes at the laundry near the office. We had a chat with the resident manager about sone of the issues at this park. She said that she would give our information to the owner. We'll see if anything comes of this. We just sat around and watched the NCIS marathon on USA network.

So long.

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