Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday May 30, 2011-Elkhart Campground

Today is our first full day here in Elkhart. We had seen our friends JD and CJ last night in the park. They have been here for some time and will be attending the Heartland rally in June. We went to eat breakfast with them but many of the restaurants are closed for Memorial Day. We ended up at the Perkins Family Restaurant and Bakery and had a good meal. Perkins specializes in many varieties of delicious muffins and today was no exception. I think all of us had different types of muffins and we all enjoyed them.

We went for a ride after eating to the Goshen Fairgrounds where the rally will be held. It's a good way over there but JD showed me a back way thats a lot faster and easier. Of course there was nothing going on in the fairgrounds now and there are no rallies coming in until the Heartland folks begin to arrive in a couple of weeks. We did see our friends Howard and Linda ( but we didn't want to intrude by dropping in unexpectedly so we didn't stop. It was a nice day for a ride and we enjoyed ourselves.

After returning home, we sat around watching television when our old friends Bob and Grace Stewart came by. We met them at one of our first Heartland rallies in Spring and they have been back a couple of times. Bob and I have been messaging each other on Facebook, so we knew that we were in the area at the same time. It was good to see them again but we were sad to learn that they have sold their Bighorn and bought a Carriage trailer. We had a nice visit with them and we hope to stay in touch with them.

Stella and I went out for awhile to reconnoiter the route that we will take to the Heartland factory on Wednesday. I think we have it down now. We stopped off at Wendy's and had a burger for supper. I miss Texas and Whataburgers already and we've only been here one day.

So long.

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Juju and Harry said...

Glad to see that one of your friends finally got wise and bought a good trailer. Just kidding I havent seen any that I just dont like.