Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday May 26, 2011-Moving Day-#1 RV Park of Tyler to I-30 RV Park, Benton AR

We did good on getting packed up and ready to go this morning. I had done most of my outside chores, so I had plenty of chat time with our new friend Trace and the other-side neighbor Jackie. Trace and his wife Terry had decided not to travel with us after all because they would be arriving in Elkhart two weeks before the rally began and with all the weather problems in the midwest, they decided to stay in Texas for a few more days. We will be sorry that we don't have some company, but can certainly understand why they made their decision.

We pulled out of the park about 9:30, which is an okay time to leave since we don't have all that far to go today. My water leak has returned but I believe it is related to the rain we had the other night. I'll get it checked at the factory when we arrive there for our appointment.

We made good time today with the outstanding weather we found this morning. It was in high 60's or low 70's while I loaded up and didn't get above 76 on the way up here. When we arrived here at Benton AR, there was a cool breeze and partly cloudy skies. The lady in the office said they had some rain last night but no tornadoes. We hope this forecast lasts through tomorrow at least. We opened the windows and turned on the fans and are completely comfortable. Stella fixed us a sandwich for supper and we will just hang out and relax. Tomorrow will be a longer day.

I've got to give you a review of the last two parks that we've been in, the #1 RV Park of Tyler and this one, the I-30 RV Park. Both of them have changed a lot since we stayed in them and not in a good way. The site we were in at #1 was very small and tight. We noticed that Trace, who was right beside us, could not open his awning at all because of the motorhome beside him. In fact, he had a hard time getting out his door. Ours was not quite that tight but we were closer to our neighbors on both sides that we wish to be. I also noticed that there are a lot of long-term people in the park in some run-down trailers including several FEMA trailers. One has a garden planted in front and all along the side of their trailer. Others have furniture, freezers and one has a compact gym set. Overall, it makes the park look bad. The I-30 park has never been a beauty but its a good place to stay overnight at low rates. They have raised the rates but not improved the park at all. Old, junky trailers with lots of "stuff outside, and more FEMA trailers. You can always tell the FEMA trailers because they are always travel-trailers with no markings on them. It seems that in both parks, the FEMA trailers are parked all together. I suppose that there are workers that need a cheap place to stay and they probably all work together. I met a couple of the other long-term residents who told me that they have been disturbed every morning when the workers leave because they seem to have diesel trucks that must be warmed up before moving them or sports cars that must peel out when they leave. here I come!

So long.

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