Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31, 2011-Moving Day-Elkhart Campground to Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

It is much warmer here than the places we just left. Thats unusual because we remember cool weather last year in late April into May. Maybe there's something to that global warming???

We didn't eat any breakfast this morning because we are meeting our friends for lunch at 11 o'clock. JD wanted to drive, so they came by and picked us up. He wanted to go look at a new truck, so we drove down to the Dodge dealer but the truck he wanted to look at was gone, I guess it was sold. CJ told him that he didn't need a new truck anyway, so we just went to eat at Ryan's for a quick lunch.

We all got plenty to eat and came back home for Stella and I to get packed up to leave for the Red Roof Inn where we'll stay for a few days until our trailer has some repairs made at the Heartland factory. We have an appointment set for Wednesday morning at the factory, so we'll go to the motel and drive over to the factory, about two miles away.

It still sucks to have to pack up your stuff to leave, even though it's very close and we can go by and get anything we forgot. We got all checked into our room and I packed all the stuff that we're bringing to the room. It's HOT here today! It didn't seem that our room air conditioner was working all that well, so I went to the office to report it. The clerk on duty sent the maintenance man to our room and he made some adjustment to the a/c and it seems to be working a bit better.

This room isn't too bad but its not home and I miss my recliner. I did lay down with the pups and take a short nap in bed. Its not my own bed but it will have to do.

I'll stop whining now...

So long.

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