Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16, 2011-Moving Day-Bluebonnet Ridge to Paradise Lake RV Resort, Nacogdoches TX

We got moved to the Paradise Lake RV Resort today. Here is the truck and trailer, all set up for a few days. There is plenty of room between the rigs because there is only one other trailer on the row that we are on. This place was a dump, but is under new ownership and things are improving.

Here is the view out the front door of the trailer. This makes up for a lot of little things that we found wrong here.

I really hope my luck on this trip turns around! Remember I told you about the trailer wiring that gave me a problem on the way up? Well today I learned that it is a problem with the new plug that was installed. I plugged the trailer into the factory plug and everything worked perfectly and no messages, Yes, I called the store where it was installed.

We didn't leave until about 10:15 because we only had about 118 miles between Terrell and Nacogdoches, so why hurry? Last night, Stella discovered that the kitchen sink drain was full and wouldn't drain. This morning I went out to drain all the holding tanks and the #1 tank (kitchen) didn't have a flow, so apparently the valve is broken or more likely, the cable that controls the valve has come loose. I will find a shop either somewhere along the road or when we get to Elkhart. Not too much of a problem. (Update)-I found a shop here in Nacogdoches that will repair it for us on Thursday morning, the day that we leave.

When we arrived here in Nac. (got tired of typing Nacogdoches) I had a truck bed full of diesel fuel. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. We pulled into a site and found no electricity at the site. I flipped the breakers and went to the office and had Bubba come out, but he couldn't get the juice to turn on. He said he would call an electrician.

We left the park, trying to find a shop that would check the diesel leak. We found Wright's Automotive. He came out and we moved the tool box and found a broken weld along one side of the tank. As long as I can keep the fuel level low enough in the tank, I should be able to use it. We filled up the truck and took out some fuel, but I'll have to keep an eye on it.

We returned to the park and learned that we had to change sites. We had already got set up in the first site, but it was still a hassle to have to move. We got it done and finally got to eat the burgers that we picked up. They were cold, but we were so hungry they could have been....well use your imagination! and we would have eaten it.

I spoke to my Aunt Janie and learned that she had burned her arm while she was cooking for me. I guess it was a bad day for everyone. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

So long.

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