Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday May 14, 2011-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

When we arrived at this park, I noticed that we had a "squatter" in our site. Can you see her? She's hard to spot, but there is a small sparrow that made a nest in the rocks in our site.

Here is a closer look at the momma-bird. She only fussed at me, not at Stella. Of course, Tramp had to chase her when he escaped (twice) but he never came near her and he didn't see her nest at all.

Here is what she is sitting on. Four eggs that seem too big to have come from her. I was surprised to see her nesting in the rocks, but she apparently moved some of the larger rocks and made herself a nice little nest in the rocks.

Well, guess what? You can see that one of the eggs has hatched and a tiny sparrow baby bird is sitting under his momma.

This is my first time to see one this soon after it is born. I monitored the nest for the rest of the evening, but no more were born while I was outside.

I got up pretty early this morning and went into Terrell to buy donuts for an open house that we had at our site. This is one of my Heartland Ambassador duties, and will be our first open house. I hosted a donut breakfast for the guys at Rayford, but this is our first for the public.

I had gone around the park and knocked on doors of every trailer that had signs of people being there yesterday, either an open door or car in the driveway. I talked to a lot of people and invited them, and sure enough, ten of the couples came over this morning. Several of them only came for breakfast and coffee but one couple, Joe and is wife, was interested in our trailer and took a tour of the inside. They seem to be interested in the Heartland brand, so my job is done.

The open house was over at 11, and after getting everything cleaned up and put away, we came back inside to rest and relax. I had been talking to another Heartland owner, Erika Dorsey ane her husband Tony, who live here in Terrell. Their trailer had been damaged in a storm and they were going to pick it up from the repair shop this morning, so they had to miss the open house, but we agreed that we could get together this afternoon with them.

They took us to a Mexican restaurant, Carmona's, that isn't too far from our park here. They came by and picked us up and we had a good meal together. They drove us around the small town of Terrell and by their 111 year old church before we went to their home. We liked their Elkridge fifth wheel trailer that was sitting in the street in front of their house. Remember, they had just picked it up and wanted to get it cleaned up before taking it back to storage. We had a very nice visit with them at their house, and they brought us back home. They came inside and looked around our trailer, before they went back home. It was a very nice time with some very nice people.

They are interested in our lifestyle and hope to go full time pretty soon. We wish them well and plan to see them again at our rally in Canton, which is only a few miles from here. We will be looking forward to it.

It had been a long day, so I turned in soon after our guests left. We had fun with our first open house and had met some very nice people, so it had been a good day.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Could your bird be a killdeer? I'm not sure I spelled that right. They build their nests on the ground too.