Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday May 10, 2011, Rayford Crossing RV Resort

This will be a recap of the time between the Heartland rally that ended on April 17th and today. Up front, I want to tell you that I apologize for leaving out something or someone but it's been a few days since I've added to my blog and the old memory gets a bit fuzzy sometimes.

On Sunday after most of the rally-goers had left, we went out to eat with our new friends Doug and Judy. This had been their first rally and they decided to stay for an extra day before moving on. We went to Cheddar's and were very surprised by the good food and great prices. They graciously bought our meal, which we didn't expect but certainly appreciated. We hope to see them again at the Heartland rally in Goshen.

On Monday afternoon, we took our New Mexico friends, Pat and Lori, to meet Tom and Marti at a new restaurant named Santa Fe Flats. We were all impressed with the Santa Fe motif and the good food that was served. We had a great time with our good friends.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Pat and Lori left on Wednesday but by then, Stella had gone back to work and we were back in our routine. Gwen gave Stella Saturday off, so we went out to eat breakfast at Luby's with several of our friends from Rayford. We all had a good time and good fellowship. Saturday afternoon, we went to the Houston North KOA, formerly Haven's Landing RV Resort, where we met Ted and Donna who were attending the Boomer Easter rally. It was good to see old friends, but there were a lot of new faces and the group seems much different now.

We took the trailer to Master Hitch to get it ready to go on our summer trip. We had the wheel bearings packed and the entire undercarriage checked out by the experts at the store. After dropping the trailer off, Stella and I went to eat breakfast at I-Hop and went to do some shopping.

Later in the week, I was invited to go with John and Jan on a group outing that their church put on. We went to the Washington-on-the Brazos park where we checked out the museum on one of the first capitols of Texas. We had a very nice time and stopped off to eat at Vernon's Country Catfish restaurant. I enjoyed myself with this group and wish we could have done more with them.

We stayed around the house on Sunday and Stella did laundry. On Monday, April 25, we drove down to Texas City to watch Cameron play baseball. He got a couple of good hits and made a few good plays in the field, but they got beaten badly. The team is much better than last year's team.

We ate a few times at Double Dave's pizza, sometimes with others from the park and sometimes alone. Tommy and Susan originally took us here and we are thankful that they did. Bill and his wife Alena took us out to eat one time to repay us for my walking their dog for a weekend while they were out of town.

We went back down to Texas City on May 2nd to watch Cam play ball again and the vehicle pictured below was seen on the freeway.

I think this was a Chevrolet van when it was built. It looks like the current owner tried to modify it to look like some kind of animal with a curved back and some weird sort of spine down the middle. With the curved back, it looks kind of like an armadillo crossed with a pre-historic animal with a pickup bed. Only in Texas...!

Later, we went to Gus's barbecue restaurant in Texas City. It was our first time to go there in their new location. Their old location burned. This had been one of our favorite restaurants in Texas City and the new store is nice.

Last weekend, we heard from our friends Ricky and Dee. We have not seen them in awhile and they invited us to come over to their house for supper on Saturday. We had already made plans to meet up with Tommy and Susan so I called Dee back and she said they were welcome as well. It was good to be back with our friends and we had a very good meal. Dee outdid herself.

This past weekend, we began to try to hang out with our friends here at Rayford. Thursday night we went to El Bosque with Ed and Sharon in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The food was great but they had a mariachi band that was great! It was probably one of the best bands that we have heard. Friday night we went to Mel's Country Cafe with Ed and Sharon and Bill, who is temporarily batching it because his wife is out of the country visiting her parents. Saturday I took Stella to work and then helped her to get the place cleaned up and spotless. Today is her last day to work and we wanted to leave things spic and span. She locked herself out of the office, so I had to go to the Rayford office to get another key to let her in, but noooo, I didn't make any contacts.....not me! She was tired when she got off, so we went to 3-B's for hamburgers.

Sunday was Mother's Day, so we went to Texas City to spend some more time with Kim, Jeremy and the boys. We were delayed in getting to their house, but we did arrive and had a nice lunch with them at Logan's Roadhouse in League City. Kim got a little emotional when we talked about how long we'll be gone this summer, but she'll be fine.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms that are reading this.

Monday we ran a few errands in preparation for leaving on Thursday and Stella washed our clothes. We met Ted and Donna at Sweet Tomato and had another great meal with them. They are from Michigan and gave us some great advice on places to go this summer. When we got through eating, we decided to go down to Texas City to watch Cam again. He was supposed to have pitched tonight, but when we got there, he was playing third base and doing a fine job there. They got beaten, but Cam did spark a huge rally in the fourth inning to pull within 3 runs of the lead, but ended up losing.

This brings us up to today. We stayed around here most of the day and did a few preparations for Thursday. Stella took Cassie to the vet to get her shots caught up. We are going to a rally in Pennsylvania and have already been told that we would have to have up-to-date shot records for our pets. We are all caught up now and ready to go to the rally.

I almost forgot to tell you about my adventures with my computer. About three weeks ago, the computer stopped working for me. I took it to Rhino computers and learned that the mother board had gone out. I told them to repair it and in a day or so, it was repaired and back to me. Only a couple of days later, it again displayed the dreaded blue screen. I again took it to Rhino and learned that the hard drive had failed. They gave me a really good deal on replacing the drive and restoring my data, so I told them to fix it. They returned it to me in a couple of days, but it again "blue screened" me. By now, I was pretty upset, especially when I was told that the mother board had again failed. This time, it should be covered by warranty, but it is Toshiba's warranty policy for them to check the board out before replacing it. I had the choice of sending the old board back to them which could have taken up to two weeks or to pay for a new board, then when it was determined to be defective, my money would be refunded. I took the second choice, since I needed my computer back and besides that, we are leaving soon and might have been gone when it was returned. The thing is, I am still money ahead in the deal. The price for a comparable computer now is over $1,300 and even with the repairs, I only have a little over $1,000 invested in this one. I just hope this thing continues to work.

Sorry for the loong post, but it covered a lot of time.

So long.

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