Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday May 25, 2011-#1 RV Park of Tyler

I woke this morning to find that it had rained-stormed even-last night and I slept right through it. We didn't have any serious storms but did have some thunder and lightning and it had rained pretty hard for a few minutes. Nothing like the poor people in Joplin MO experienced. I talked to Melissa last night and learned that her power had gone off and she was scared. I don't blame her, with tornado warnings out and bad weather coming in and no way to monitor it. I told her what I knew, but at the time, the weather channels were much more interested in the Joplin area, so there wasn't a lot of news about the Dallas area. I heard from her again this morning and she sent me some pictures of her car that was damaged by the hailstorm, but they didn't have any tornadoes. I spoke to Phil this afternoon and found out that he had talked to Bobbye Sue. She told him that a tornado had come within about five miles of their house.

After breakfast, we decided to go to the rose gardens that Tyler is known for. When we got there, some big civic program was going on today because I saw lots of people in dress clothes and some city officials cars in the parking lot. Since there was so much going on there, we decided not to go, and did some shopping before we leave tomorrow. We went to Sam's club and Wal Mart and returned home for Stella to go to the laundry to wash our clothes.

While she was washing, I returned home and took the stairs and porch down and dumped the holding tanks in preparation for leaving tomorrow. I got all my chores done and waited on Stella to call me to come get the clothes, but she walked back over without calling me. I had called my cousin Linda and we agreed to meet at their house about 5:30 with Janie and Gail and Gail's son Mark. We went to BJ's Pubhouse but there was a long wait so we went to Clear Springs of Tyler for our supper. We all had a good meal and enjoyed the company. They were all interested in our lifestyle, and we got to tell them about the fun times we have had. It was a nice way to end our week here in Tyler.

So long.

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