Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday May 19, 2011-Moving day-Paradise Lake Resort to #1 RV Park of Tyler

We got a lot accomplished today. We woke pretty early, 7-ish, and got started putting things away and getting ready to move. Our neighbor had pulled all the way into his site with his motorhome, which made it difficult for me to pull straight out, so I ended up having to back out to exit. It was no big deal and I know he was thankful that I was able to get out without him having to move his rig and the towed (toad) vehicle. We actually left right at nine o'clock for our appointment at Genuine RV to have the gray water valve worked on.

When we arrived, Bob, the Service Manager was waiting for us. He actually drove my truck with the trailer attached to the shop and backed it in and then brought the truck back to us. I asked him about a welder in Nacogdoches and he recommended Thomas Welding, located near their store. After going to eat some breakfast, we went to the welding shop and learned that they could work on it while we waited. They helped me to slide the tool box down and got right to work. I was surprised that they would weld on the tank with fuel in it, but then diesel has a high flash point and when I asked them about it, they said that they had worked on heavy equipment that had holes punched in the fuel tanks and had welded them with fuel actually running out the hole. I was very impressed with their work and then they pressure tested the new weld with air and found no leaks, so now we can refill the big tank and have plenty of fuel aboard.

Bob called me about the time we got through at the welding shop, so we went and picked up the trailer. They found that there was nothing wrong with the cable or the valve but the cable had gotten twisted and got in a bind and wouldn't operate. They straightened the cable out and lubed it up and we were good to go, so we were back on the road about 11:30.

It was only about 75 miles from Nacogdoches to Tyler, so we got here a little after 1. We got all set up and I cleaned up the front overhang of the trailer. It had diesel fuel all over it and was filthy, but a little Dawn and water cleaned it right up! I was tired after the long grueling drive over here and the set-up, so we both came in and watched a little television. I later went out and set up the Carry Out antenna instead of using the cable. I guess we're spoiled to HD television and being able to see what's coming on later. While I was setting it up, my neighbor made a comment under his breath as he walked by about the amount of "crap" I had set up. I don't think we've got THAT much stuff and it made me mad. I asked him to repeat what he had said but he just walked off. I came inside and cooled off and then decided that I would tell the park manager about what happened. He told me that as long as I didn't intrude on his site, it was none of his business and if he had a problem with my stuff to come to the office and he would straighten him out. I hope there is no further problem with this guy, so I plan to avoid him and hope he leaves soon.

I came back inside and relaxed, watching my Hi-Def television and walking up and down my cool stairs. The guy next door doesn't have any cool stuff.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

That's what's good about being in an RV - if you don't like the neighbors you can leave. Let's hope he's just an overnighter. Steps and a satellite dish are hardly worth mentioning. Obviously he hasn't camped in state parks where they bring the kitchen sink along with their bikes, coolers, clothes lines, etc.