Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday May 12, 2011-Moving Day-Rayford Crossing to Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

I am proud of myself this morning. I overslept until about 6:30AM, but went down for coffee with the guys anyway. Surprisingly, Roy and Jimmy were already there, but soon after John and Ed arrived, so the group was complete. It was kind of sad because I'm pretty sure that men's coffee will end until the fall.

I went back home about 7:45 but most of my outside stuff had already been done, so I was pretty much through by 9. I went inside and ate a quick breakfast and to cool off a bit and went back out. I talked to John and learned that the road had been closed due to the re-surfacing that was being done. I told Stella, so we took it easy with everything else and actually pulled out of the site a little after 10. By the time we stopped at the office for me to turn in my rally hall keys and give them our final electricity numbers, we talked to Francis and Valle about the road closure and they offered to guide us out by the back roads. It was a bit scary, going under low tree branches and low-hanging lines, but we made it. We finally left about 10:50, so we weren't all that late in getting away. I was proud of myself because I was through with my work so early, even after having gone down for coffee with the guys.

We made good time down the highway and the only stop was made at the Buccee's store in Madisonville. We like to stop at Buccee's because they have huge parking lots for RV's and a great selection of both snack foods and lite meals. While we were in the store it began to rain pretty hard. It had lightly rained on us from just north of Huntsville but it started in earnest now. We need the rain badly, so it was worth it.

We had something strange happen to us along the road. The truck started giving me an error message that there was a problem with the brake wiring from the trailer, as if it had come unplugged. I got out and checked everything and all seemed to be okay. We kept getting the message and I will have to find out what happened. The brakes and lights all worked, and it is very intermittent, but I'll get it looked at and repaired.

We pulled into Bluebonnet Ridge about 3:30 and got all set up by 4:30. We were pretty tired, and came in and got the dish aligned and sat back to watch some TV. I think I must have drifted off to sleep, if you can imagine that, and Stella warmed up some leftovers for us to eat. We made a few calls and made arrangements with the kids for the weekend.

I forgot to mention yesterday about meeting the owner of a New Horizons Majestic trailer before we left Rayford. We had looked at one at The Rally in Albuquerque and long-time readers may remember me mentioning it then. New Horizons are very expensive trailers that are custom built in Kansas. they are very big and very expensive. I must say that if one has the money and a large enough truck to pull one, it would be hard to beat. When I win the lottery...

Pete, the owner owner, is a very nice man that works for one of the large oil companies (are there any other kind) and is temporarily in Houston on a project. He said he expected to be retired by this time but the company needed him and he came. The ironic thing is that I noticed his Ford truck with the large tow body and remarked that I had seen a trailer like his being pulled by a truck like his at The Rally. He told me that he had also been at the show and his trailer was similar to the one there, but his truck was the same one that had brought the demo to the show. He said that when he ordered his trailer, they offered him the truck, which was a demo with low mileage and at a good price. He told me that he will still be at Rayford when we return in October and we can talk more then.

So long.

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