Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday February 10, 2012-Ron Hoover RV, Katy TX

When we woke this morning it was raining again. I don't think it will affect the work that is to be done and may actually make it easier to find the water leak because with the rain coming down, they can just follow the water to the source. At least today, they won't have to move the trailer, so all we have to do is stay out of their way as they work. I learned that the RV show doesn't open until noon, so we have plenty of time this morning.

Ron, one of the technicians here, came by and soon found that one of the slide gaskets was installed incorrectly and luckily they had the material to make the repair. Ron told Stella that once he found the problem, he wouldn't need to come back inside, so we could go to the show when we wanted to. That was good news because we are looking forward to the show.

We left about 10:30 this morning to go get rid of the old tailgate from the truck. The new gate looks really good and it will be a relief to clean up the bed by getting the old one out. We went to a salvage yard in Manvel that I knew of and got about $10 for the scrap metal in the tailgate, or enough to buy us a donut and coffee.

We went to the show and learned that although we had been told that we could probably show our Heartland badges and they might let us in, we were charged the full amount to park and enter the show. Bummer!

We were early to the show and had to stand in line to get in. I was kind of surprised to see as many people going to the show, with the bad weather and all on a Friday morning. We walked around a bit before going to the Ron Hoover booth and saw a few friends along the way. We spent the day meeting and talking to people and had a really good time. Ryan Scott, one of the Heartland sales reps took us to get a bite to eat at the show, which was very nice of him. He really appreciated us being there and frequently sent people to talk to us since we are full timers living in a Heartland trailer.

Bill and Ornell came to Houston this afternoon to stay for the weekend. They will be at the show tomorrow along with Tommy and Susan and Ricky and Dee. I called Bill when we left the show and met them at Pappas Bar B Que for supper tonight. We had a good meal and enjoyed their company before we left to come back home. We were very tired from being on our feet all day, but it had been a good day. Tomorrow should be even better.

So long.

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