Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday February 4, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

We got up pretty early and went to Furr's Buffet for breakfast with Ted and Donna. Gotta eat at our favorite breakfast place again before we leave! After finishing up our breakfast, we came back home to get our truck because Ted was going to meet with friends to shoot skeet. We took Donna to the fruit market where we bought some fruits and veggies and two folding chairs for Tommy and Susan. They are very good chairs that are very heavy duty and only available down here. After bringing Donna back home we came home and hung out here all afternoon.

I've been working with Tramp while we've been down here by taking him for long walks and teaching him some doggie commands like heel and come. Of course, he's always on a leash so it's easy to make him obey, but I think its working. At least he gets more exercise and comes home and sleeps well. He's much easier to control when he's not with Cassie and is much more sociable. Cassie barks too much at both people and animals, so that's going to be my next doggie project.

So long.

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