Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday February 12, 2012-Ron Hoover RV. Katy TX

After a pretty bad night, we decided not to travel today as planned so we could get this electrical problem looked into. It was a bad night because it was cold and we had to turn the thermostat down so the furnace wouldn't come on as often to try to conserve as much battery life as we could.

Since we were staying, we decided to go down and surprise Kim and Jeremy and the boys. They had been asking about us and when we would be back in town, so we decided to go see them. We got there and surprised Tyler but Cam was visiting one of his friends and wasn't home yet. Kim, Stella and Tyler went shopping and Jeremy and I stayed at their house and watched some television. They called us about 3 o'clock and we drove over to the Golden Corral restaurant where we had supper. The food here isn't all that great but there's plenty of it. It was good to see Tyler and Cameron again and Cam rode with me back to their house. While riding home, he asked me if he could come traveling with us this summer. Of course I told him he could if he wasn't going to play baseball this summer. That made him stop and think about it but he said he still wants to go. We'll see when the time comes.

We drove back home and found that the trailer battery was dead, which meant that not only were the lights out, the furnace wouldn't work because it takes 12 volts to ignite the propane burner. The television worked but the fridge started acting up. The readout began flashing back and forth between electric and propane and flashing a trouble code. I went outside and ran an extension cord to the fridge but the trouble code continued. We managed to piece together extension cords from the kitchen to power an electric heater and the computers. I had hooked up the satellite dish, so we had good television and our Internet air card worked, so we had plenty to occupy us but it got really cold during the night. It was a pretty bad night but we made it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry.

So long.

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