Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday February 13, 2012-Moving day-Ron Hoover RV to Caddo Lake NWS

After a miserably cold night, where we were were kept up by the crews returning RV's from the show, we were glad to see some of the techs come in this morning. I went over and spoke with our service advisor, Derek, and told him of the problems of the weekend. He promised to have Ron, the tech that had replaced the electric cord reel motor, to check out our problem.

I stayed inside with Stella and the dogs and saw Ron walking around the shop but didn't see him working on our trailer, so I went in to talk to Derek again. Derek said that Ron had found that their outdoor plug that we had been plugged into was bad and that had been the problem. I went outside and found Ron and he merely plugged the cord into another 50 amp plug and everything began working. Well darn, who'd a thunk it? What a simple solution to this problem but then why would they allow this to occur? If they knew the plug was bad, why not repair it?

Anyhow, we were back in business, so we got busy and started packing up. Of course, it had started to rain, and it was still cold but we still were ready to pull out about 11 AM. Derek pulled the trailer under the drive in canopy so we wouldn't have to be out in the rain, and it was nice to see everything working again. We still had a small problem with the hydraulic jacks but they are just out of sequence and I hope that the more we cycle them, the better they will work and eventually find the correct sequence again.

We took off in the rain and made pretty good time. We made a stop the other side of Cleveland and got breakfast sandwiches since we hadn't eaten. It rained on us just about all the way to Marshall where we turned off to go to our new home at the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Service Wildlife Refuge. We made it in about 4:00 and met with the Park Ranger Gary Neace who escorted us to our new site. We got all set up pretty quickly and were completely up by 6. We met out new neighbors and fellow volunteers, Todd and Sue. Todd and I drove around, making the nightly patrol and checks and he showed me around some of the property. Its going to be very interesting, starting tomorrow when we will be issued our keys and a vehicle to drive. I'll take some pictures of this place to show you.
(hint) at one time, this was a VERY secure nuclear weapon facility!

So long.

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