Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday February 8, 2012-Moving day-Mission to Ron Hoover RV

We got up pretty early to get away from here as early as possible because we're driving all the way to Houston. The big problem is that it rained all night long and is raining still. It hasn't rained all month except one night when it showered and today when we're leaving it's raining. And the site we're is a dirt/grass site but most of the grass has died because of the drought.

We made good time in getting things packed up and ready to go and we were ready to hook the truck up by 8:30. When I backed in to hook up, the truck slid sideways and wouldn't line up. I tried several times but all I did was rut up the site. It's a good thing that Tom has a 4 wheel drive because he backed up and on the second try had the truck backed under the trailer. He motored it right on out and into the street and after just a few minutes we were hooked up and ready to go. It only took us an extra 45 minutes! After hugs and handshakes we pulled out about 9:20.

We went down Hwy. 281 this time and I believe it is a little faster than staying on Hwy. 77 all the way. I had gone to the little convenience store around the corner from the park to pick up breakfast tacos for us to eat after we got on the road. BIG mistake! The tacos are very tasty but difficult to eat while driving. I spilled more than I got into my mouth and Tramp loved it but I didn't like all the food that got on the floor of the truck. At least Trampy had a feast at our next stop. He got down on the floor under the steering wheel and chowed down!

We only made a couple of stops and got here to Ron Hoover right on time, about 4:15. We got set up outside the fence for tonight and had a pleasant night. I'm going to be interested in how much they get done tomorrow. We'll see...

So long.

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