Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday February 7, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

Our last full day here in Mission began as usual with coffee with the guys. Some of them even remembered my name, but it probably helped that my name is on my coffee cup in big red letters.

We met some of our Heartland friends at Willie's Bar B Que, famous for their barcued brisket. I had the stuffed baked potato and it was delicious! We all had a nice time together but the group is splitting up. Three of us (including us) will be leaving tomorrow but many will meet in Kerrville at the Sweetheart rally there. We are sorry that we can't go to this rally, but there's always next year.

After we left, Stella and I ran some errands before leaving tomorrow. I filled up the fuel tanks on the truck. It hurts to fill all the tanks but it sure is convenient to be able to travel for 1100 miles or more before having to stop for fuel! Of course, if we find fuel at a good price, we can fill the tanks any time.

We came on back home and I took the porch down and did a few more chores in preparation for leaving. Our last day was a good one, but as I said before, there's always next year.

So long.

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