Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday February 11, 2012-ron Hoover RV, Katy TX

We got a good night's sleep and woke refreshed and ready to go back to the show. Of course, it doesn't start until noon, so we've got all morning to kill before we leave. Derek, one of the service advisers here, told me that he will move the trailer to position it for us to pull out tomorrow morning but since he's only moving it a few feet, we wouldn't have to pack everything up or even slide the rooms in. There was another customer's trailer sitting in the space that we will be in, so we had to wait for them to come in and pick up their trailer to get ours moved but that didn't take very long. I noticed that when we went to pull the hydraulic jacks up, they were in the wrong sequence with the electric stabilizers but we finally go it straightened out.

We were on our way to the show by 11:30 with our new Ron Hoover RV exhibitor badges that would get us into the show. We were told that we could also show the badge to get into the parking lot and were told where to drive on the back side of the Reliant Center for the exhibitor parking but when we arrived, we were greeted by a very rude man at the ticket booth that informed me that we would have to pay to park and that there were no exceptions without a parking pass. We reluctantly paid the $10 fee and went into the show. We had another great day of talking to people and saw a lot of old friends throughout the day. Some of the Boomers stopped by and I even ran into one of my college instructors and we had a nice visit. He is a retired Houston police officer as well as being retired from Alvin Community college. He said he tried a couple of years of teaching in a high school after retiring from Alvin but found that juniors and seniors in high school were too much for him to handle so he just retired and moved to his home on Lake Conroe.

We met Bill and Ornell, Tommy and Susan and Ricky and Dee for lunch at Pappasito's restaurant that is nearby. The food was good but overpriced and we all had a good time being together again. We went back to the show and learned that the first parking pass that we bought was not good for re-entry and had to pay AGAIN!! Bummer!

We stayed at the show until after 7 and again had a good time meeting people and talking about the RV lifestyle and living in our trailer. I talked to Dustin Hoover and met his brother Chris and both of them thanked us for coming to the show. It never hurts to "in" with the owners of the company.

Our problems began when we got home. The first thing we noticed was that the water pump wouldn't work, and the lights were very dim. Long story short is that somehow the converter isn't working to convert 110 volts to 12v. Also some of the plugs won't work but the television, the refrigerator and the microwave work so we had a cool night. The furnace worked early but the battery finally gave up and lost power. I think the problem is in the new power cord that was installed with either the wiring being messed up or something shorted out the converter. We will spend an extra night here and get it checked out on Monday. I'll just have to call Caddo Lake and tell them we're still coming but will be delayed. Maybe this problem will only take a little bit to get fixed. Cross your fingers...

So long.

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