Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday February 22, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Today we had to go to Marshall with Jason, the Law Enforcement officer here at the refuge, to the Police Dept. to be fingerprinted for a background check. Marshall PD uses the new electronic fingerprint scanner that eliminates the use of the messy ink pads that got all over me and the person that I was fingerprinting. Stella's prints went pretty well, but the Crime Scene Tech that was taking the prints couldn't get mine to work. There was either movement of my finger or a bad recording of the minutia of my prints. There is a way to just accept the prints as taken, which is what he had to do in my case. Jason knows that I am a retired Police Officer and is certain that nothing will come back on my record, so everything will work out.

We stopped off at the Whataburger to get something to eat, since we had left before eating breakfast but were soon on our way back to the refuge. When we got back, I got in the truck with Todd to work out in the field and Stella worked with Todd's wife Sue. Ron, the new volunteer met Todd and I at the Fire station and rode with us to do some of our work. When we got done, Todd and I went back to the headquarters building to work some more on the new signs. We got through about 2PM and broke for lunch. Todd and Sue had a problem with their GFI plug in their trailer and went into town to buy a new one and I stayed home and relaxed. Today had been a pretty full day for all of us. None of us will have to be rocked to sleep tonight!

So long.

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