Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday February 3, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

Today we had to take Mr. Tramp to the Vet for his yearly checkup. It didn't take too long to learn that he is in excellent condition, weighing in at 11 pounds, which is a good weight for him. The only thing found was some tartar on his teeth. We bought some treats that help in keeping it off the dog's teeth, so we'll see.

We had tickets to see the Link family with Ted and Donna tonight at Bentsen Palms Village and I had suggested that Jim and several other of the Heartlander group get tickets too and come with us. Jim invited several of us over to his place this afternoon for a quicky potluck dinner before the show. Sadly, when they tried to get the tickets the show was sold out. This is a first time that ANYONE had sold out a show. We ended still going over to Jim's to eat and had a very nice time. The weather cooperated and the guys sat outside while the girls sat inside the trailer. We were excited for Jim, who is getting his new demo Landmark trailer next month and has just ordered a new Ford F-450 tow vehicle. Of course, us guys had a lot of discussion about it while eating. We won't see the new rig until the end of April in Gulfshores Alabama at the rally there.

We went to the Link show but Stella and I were kind of disappointed that they put on exactly the same show as the other night. They added a couple of different songs and still performed very well, but it was a rerun. We won't see them again until next season when we come back down here so maybe they'll have a new show for us.We still love 'em.

So long.

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