Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday February 15, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

I woke to another cold morning and it has rained on us twice. Just small showers but they were very loud! Boy, it's dark out here! The only lights are a couple of porch lights on the visitor's center and of course, our porch lights from the two trailers parked here.

I ate breakfast and took a short walk around the grounds here and down one of the nearby trails. I saw some of the largest deer tracks that I have seen in a long time, but then remember, most of my outdoor time has been in an RV park for many years. They were big tracks at any rate.

We went down to the park headquarters and helped Todd and Josh make a banner for this weekend's parade in Jefferson. It was tedious work, just the kind of stuff that makes me crazy, but Stella liked it and it was interesting to watch the way the vinyl letters were cut out. When we got through with that, we spoke with Jason, the Federal Law Enforcement officer here and made an appointment to have our fingerprints taken and the background investigation started for next week.

Stella and I went for a ride around the refuge, checking out different locations. Its such a big place and there are no good maps, so its probably going to be an adventure getting around here.

We were forecast for heavy thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes, but it began to rain about 1, and although it rained really hard for awhile, it wasn't that bad. We pulled up the weather channel on television and saw that we had avoided the worst of the storm.

There was a light rain falling but we needed to go to the grocery store, so we drove the 14 miles to Marshall to the Kroger store. After buying the groceries that we needed, we came back to the refuge in a very light misting rain. It looks like it's going to rain all day and night. That's okay, we're warm and dry!

I made my nightly rounds with Todd and boy, was it ever foggy! Glad I didn't have to work too long outside. It's not that cold outside but its really damp. Hope it starts warming up soon.

So long.

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