Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday February 23, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Well, this morning started off all right. It was cool this morning but spring is coming and it warmed up quickly. I took Todd and the resident cop here, Jason to stake out the locations of the new sign that we had worked on. Once that was done, I was assigned a John Deere riding mower and began mowing the grassy area behind the trailers and some land behind us. It was very wet, so I wasn't able to cut every single blade of grass, but it looks much better now. I probably mowed between 2 and 3 acres and finally got through around 2. Todd had told me about one area on a pathway that has water on both sides and if I was going to encounter a snake, this would have been where it would be. Trust me, I was extra vigilant when I rode through that area! They didn't say anything to me about snakes, but since this is a Wildlife Refuge, I'm sure they would have scolded me if I ran over ANY snake, no matter how venomous it was. Luckily I didn't see any!

When I got through mowing, I loaded it back onto the trailer and took it back to the fire hall where it is stored. I drove it in and washed all the dirt, mud and grass off the mower and put it away. At least I am getting a variety of chores around here.

We came back home and I got caught up on some blogs and many emails that I had gotten. I had forgotten how tiring that mowing could be. It's been almost 2 years since we sold the house.

So long.

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