Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday February 9, 2012-Ron Hoover RV-Katy TX

We were up early this morning because our slide will interfere with the workers coming in this morning, so we had to have everything ready for them to move . They will reposition the trailer inside the fence so they can work on it, so we will have to put everything away and slide the rooms in. We didn't have that much out, so it didn't take long and we were ready to go a little bit after 7. After walking the dogs, we got a couple of our lawn chairs out and sat behind the trailer, watching the people going to work and dealing with the traffic. It was nice to sit outside in the cool morning and watch the world go by as we drank our coffee.

The workers began coming to work about 8 o'clock and after getting moved in and water and electricity set up again, we left with the dogs to go pick up my new tailgate in Pasadena. The guys might need to get inside the trailer, so we took the dogs with us.

A couple of weeks ago, AJ, one of the porters here, was delivering a new trailer to a customer when the new company Dodge truck began to smoke. Before he knew it, the truck was on fire! AJ had the good judgement to unhook the truck from the trailer and drive it away, so although the truck burned up, he saved the trailer. The point to this is, the truck was a white Dodge 3500 exactly like my truck, so I was tempted to change the tailgates-with permission of course- but I found that the company truck's tailgate had dents on it too, so it would have been pointless to trade one dented-up tailgate for another, so I went ahead and bought the one that I had ordered.

Tommy met us at the store and we went to get lunch at a place called Big Tex Burgers in Pasadena. They served a good burger and it was nice to spend some time with Tommy. We haven't seen him since before we left this area in May.

After lunch, we decided to kill some time before going back to the dealership so they could get finished with their work. We were driving down the Beltway when i decided to call my old friend Emile, who is still working at the City of Missouri City. He was working today and had time to meet us for coffee at the Denny's restaurant where he and I used to go when we worked together. It was good to play catch-up with my old friend.

We came on back to the dealership and learned that they had finished up with some of the work they were supposed to do, but hadn't gotten to a couple of the things and planned to work on them tomorrow. We'll have to stay home with the dogs in the trailer because they will have to come inside to find a leak at the slides. We were scheduled to go to the RV show in the morning, but we will likely be delayed because of the repairs. Oh well...

We got everything set back up and settled in for the evening. It turned out to be a very good day. Got to see some old friends that we haven't seen in a long time and got the truck fixed too.

So long.

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