Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday February 20, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

First of all-Happy President's Day!

Today, being a Federal holiday, no one was at work here today except us "volunteers" that live here. Todd took care of the gates this morning, and we all stayed in until 9 o'clock or so. Stella went over to the visitor's center this morning to sweep and straighten it up since there were several visitors yesterday. We went out and moved a tree that had fallen into the road but it was mostly dead and very light.

A little later, Stella and I went to the headquarters building to help Todd make up a sign for the equestrian trail. Its a pretty cool operation to cut out the letters and put them onto the sign. We only cut out the letters today because there is more work to be done before we put it all together.

When we got through with the sign, we all returned home to eat some lunch and relax. I, of course, took a short nap. When we finished that, Stella and I went over to Marshall to do some shopping and to get my I-Phone fixed. It would power up but wouldn't allow me to access the phone, and I had decided to just turn on my spare phone and turn off the I-Phone because this is the second time that this has happened. The young lady in the store was very good with the phone and soon had it up and running. Thank goodness...

We went shopping for some boots or hikers for me. If I am going to have to work in the field, I need proper footwear. Also, we have another workcamping job for the fall at the Inks Lake state park, and I can use them there too. I found some very nice ones on a close-out at the JC Penney store. We then went to Wal Mart for Stella to pick up a few items of groceries for the next few days.While there, we ran into Todd and Sue who had also run into town. It had been a good trip and we made some very good buys. At least it didn't rain today. It's still cool but dry.

So long.

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