Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tuesday January 31, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

We went over to Mexico this morning again. I had been having some discomfort with my teeth and wanted the doctor to adjust them. It is so nice to be able to go in for adjustments and get in right away. I really do like this dentist!

Remember that Stella had decided to get some glasses in Mexico as I had done? She went in and found the frames that she liked and after a short exam, she was all fitted up. We made arrangements to pick her new glasses up on Friday but they weren't ready and we had told them we would come in today. I had talked to Karen and had learned that they were going to meet with some friends from Michigan in Mexico and we would all meet for lunch over there. The weather was not cooperating and traffic was terrible on the expressway, so we never saw them. It's really expensive to make or receive telephone calls in Mexico, so we couldn't call, so unfortunately we were not able to hook up. Stella picked up her glasses and we got something to eat and came on back home.

We went over to the Tropic Star RV Resort in Pharr to see the Red Head Express with The Walker Boys and the Link Family. It was a great concert and everyone enjoyed it. They have a huge auditorium at the Tropic Star and there were probably 3-500 people there for the performance. We will see the Links again when Ted and Donna arrive later in the week. It's very nice to see Branson performances at valley prices! Another reason to come down here!

So long.

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Jeremy Stewart said...

Lets have a picture of you guys with your new teeth and glasses!