Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday February 16, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Here are some photos of our new home. We are starting to like this place. The longer we stay and the more familiar we get, the better we like it.

Here is our trailer and our truck along with the government Tahoe that we have been assigned. This is a nice site with full hookups but the only trees are behind the site.

Here is a placque about the refuge history. This is a very interesting place and I wish we had seen it before the destruction of most of the buildings. I wish we had a diagram of the buildings so we could visualize the buildings that were there.

This is the visitors center, right next to our sites. This way, if we see someone gooing to the center, we can walk over and make contact with them and offer assistance.

Today we went over to the nearby town of Jefferson, where the refuge is sending a parade float. Acvtually we followed the float over to the storage site pre-parade. We helped Todd, Sue and Josh in putting the last-minute items onto the float. I'm sure that we'll be back for the parade, if we don't get rained out.

After finishing up our chores on the float, we all went out to eat at the Don Juan Mexican restaurant in Jefferson. The food was very good and to top it all off, Josh bought our meal in thanks for our helping on the float. What a nice guy!

I am getting much more familiar with the routes and routine around here. Stella and I made the nightly rounds and locked the front gates. I plan on unlocking them in the morning, so the fun just keeps on keeping on. Liking this place more every day!

So long.


2psnapod1 said...

This new adventure sounds kind of interesting. Would like to hear more of what your 'job description'. Enjoy

2psnapod1 said...

Your new adventure sound rather interesting. We'd love to hear what you're 'job description' is....