Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday and Saturday August 31 & Sept. 1, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

The Labor Day weekend was started with  balloon festivals on both Friday and Saturday mornings. Actually, the balloons also flew on Sunday morning but we went to church because after seeing the same balloons for the past two days, we didn't figure that we were missing much. The good thing was that they flew from the airport ground right across the street from the park and we could see everything.

The difference for Friday and Saturday was that on Friday there was no wind at all and Saturday there was some, but the difference was very apparent.

On Friday the balloons stayed around the park and slowly went south from the airport. Several of them hovered very low over the park and one came very close to the roof of our trailer. One balloon went off into the forest and went down in the trees, damaging the balloon fabric but no one was injured.

On Saturday the balloons were swiftly up, up and away with the little wind this morning. I got better photos with the mountains in the background but of course, you don't know that.....yet. I'll get them done and published as soon as I can.

So long.

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