Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday September 17, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

We slept pretty late again this morning and when I finally woke and checked the temperature, it showed 28! degrees. We're apparently getting out at the right time, although we'll be back next week.

I did a few things in the yard and we went into town to fill the truck with fuel. I spent $250 and only filled half of the big tank, or enough to get us to Fort Collins where, hopefully, fuel will be a little cheaper. Crossing my fingers...

We came back home and I finished up some of my outside work and Stella prepared to bring Cassie out to get a grooming, but the wind picked up and it started to look like rain, so we decided to wait for a bit and went over to chat with Bill and Mary for awhile. That wind was vicious! It knocked Bill's bicycles over, but he picked them up and it knocked them over again! The sun went behind a cloud and it got colder, so we came on back home. We'll get back to work after the storm passes.

Stella took the dogs outside later and a huge herd of sheep came by complete with sheep herders on horseback. I talked to Bill about it and he said that every year they bring the sheep down from the mountains where they spend the summer and drive them to South Fork, about 20 miles away. He said that last year Pat and Lori got stuck behind them for a long way while on their way back home. I hope they're out of the way when we leave tomorrow.

After the rain clouds left and the wind died down, I went back out and finished taking everything down that I needed to do today. Now everything is done except for the necessary utilities, water, sewer and electric.

I was a tired puppy again but I'm so ready to get on the road.

So long.

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