Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday September 13, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

It didn't get as cold as was forecast, but it was still about 42 degrees this morning and clear as a bell. A beautiful mountain morning!

We had decided to drive up to Slumgullion Pass again and then to Lake City for lunch. Before leaving, I went for my morning walk and while out, I noticed that the mountain tops were covered with snow! I know that it was snow instead of ice from the rain yesterday, because I could see a couple of places where the snow was blowing. Ice would not have blown about like that.

I ran into our neighbor Mary while walking. She said that last night, one of the men in the park had been called out to assist the Search and Rescue volunteers in rescuing some elk hunters. One of the hunters had killed an elk and a bear had taken some of the elk carcass. She didn't know if anyone had been injured in the bear attack but I assume they had. She said that she and Bill had made a drive over to Lake City a few days ago and had noticed a sign for a small campground. One of her friends had gone over after they had and told her that there is now a sign indicating that the campground is closed due to a bear attack. I recently read about how dangerous bears now, as they hunt for as much food as they can find so they can hibernate for the winter.

We took the doggies with us because we didn't know how long we would be gone, and they enjoyed the ride. Of course, Cassie took her normal place in the back seat, alternating between the seat, which had been covered with a blanket, and her bed, which Momma Stella had brought along. Tramp stayed in the front seat and supervised my driving.

The trip over was beautiful, with lots and lots of golden leaves with the snowy peaks behind them. I can't wait to be somewhere with good wifi so I can share the photos with you.

We had a quick lunch at Poker Alice Pizza in Lake City. This is a fun little restaurant that we stop at just about every time we go to Lake City. We like to "snack" on appetizers when we go there, and today was no exception. We also enjoy people watching while there. We see everything from local craftsmen taking their lunch break to hikers and bikers who have chosen this place for their refreshment. When you're in the area, try it. The restaurant is for sale so if you're interested in owning a historic restaurant in a historic city, give them a call. Tell 'em I sent you if there is a referral fee.

So long.

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