Friday, September 28, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday, September 26 & 27, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

We didn't do too much these two days except make preparations to leave on Friday. It has been very cold and the daytime temps didn't get over 55 degrees either day. It was pleasant in the sun, so I enjoyed my walks both days. Every day 4 or 5 coaches leave for the season. Bill told me that every day one or two rigs would come in, some for one night, some for more, to see the changing leaves. Since we returned it hasn't been that way and few if any trailers have come in.

Wednesday all we did was wash clothes and I cleaned the truck and trailer for the trip. We went into town this afternoon to the grocery store for the last time. I'd hate to be the grocery buyer for the grocery store. When do you cut back on buying groceries? Some of the tourists stay until October 1st and still need food, and the store stays open all year, being the only grocery store in town. The locals support the store all year, but I bet it's tough to order supplies.

The city of Creede is repairing the main street in town. They really have to hustle to get the streets worked on. I am told that it is really cold and windy with some snow and ice in April and into May and then the seasonal tourists start arriving in late May and June. The season really starts in June and little but emergency repairs are made then, so that only gives them the month of September to work on the streets. It gets cold in October and it is hard to pour concrete or blacktop when its freezing.

Thursday we went for our last ride up into the mountains to see the pretty colors. It is so beautiful up here, I cannot describe it. Pictures don't do it justice and although the colors have gotten deeper but they really haven't changed that much. I'll probably take some more photos tomorrow early in the morning as we're loading up.

We went to the service station and filled up the tanks for the trip. Can I borrow some money? Prices have come down about a dime but it's still expensive!

It started raining this afternoon, which worried me. Snow had been predicted for Monday and Tuesday but it hasn't happened yet. Temps have gotten down into the high 20 both mornings, so it is cold enough for snow but it hasn't happened......yet. We left the water dripping so we haven't had any problems with freezing lines.

We have decided not to go to Los Alamos to Pat and Lori's house. Pat has gotten very busy with his business, and they are going to have to miss the rally so we'll just go straight to Boerne. We'll miss them at the rally but hope to see them at Inks Lake.

So long.

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