Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thursday September 6, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

The leaves are beginning to change colors, so we went for a ride up into the mountains to see them. We went up Middle Creek road which parallels Hwy. 149, the main road between here and Lake City. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery but not lot of yellow or golden leaves. We drove all the way up Middle Creek until the road forked and of course, we later learned that if we had taken the other fork in the road, we would have seen a large area beside a lake. Since we know how to get there now, we will return another time.

Since the weather was nice, we stopped and picked up both of the dogs and then drove over Wolf Creek pass, which is much improved, but still didn't see any nice fall colors. I took some photos of the pass and we will return to check for colors before we leave.

We returned to South Fork and stopped off to let the doggies out for a bit at a nice city park there and saw a house that had burned to the ground since our last visit. It was interesting to note that the house had contained a mobile home, leaving only the framework in the charred rubble. It is also interesting to note that the house was only about a block from the fire department. I suppose it went up quickly, before they had a chance to fight the fire.

The dogs seemed to enjoy the day out, and we enjoyed the scenery, so it was a nice day.

So long.

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