Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday September 24, 2012-Moving day-Lakeside KOA, Fort Collins CO to Mountain View RV Park

Today was the day that we had dreaded all week, moving day. There had been five rigs that had stayed over for another day and four of us were leaving this morning.

We were up pretty early but the first thing we needed to do was to go fuel up and to get something for breakfast. I had seen a local feed and ranch supply store that had a better price for fuel, so that is where we went. We then found a Subway sandwich store and picked up a couple of their breakfast sandwiches. We returned just in time to see our friends Dave and Amy off on their trip to Santa Fe NM. After hugs and handshakes, they were off and we got busy to pack and leave also. We made pretty good time and left just after 10 o'clock, a little later than we had expected.

We made good time down the road and didn't even slow down while going through Denver and Colorado Springs. Our only long stop was at a rest area near Pueblo where we all got to get out of the truck and stretch our legs. It was near the south bound rest area where we had stopped last week when we went to Fort Collins. One thing that I noticed about both of these stops are that neither have potable water and apparently use recycled water for flushing. For handwashing, they offer hand sanitzers but no drinking water. I don't know whether this is a "green" thing or they are forcing people to buy drinks from the vending machines. Perhaps I am too cynical....?

We ran through a series of rain showers along the road, especially after we turned off the highway, which slowed us down while going through the mountains. With the slick roads, I was very cautious of wildlife on the road, and we were in no big hurry to get back.

We got back without any problems, a few minutes after 5. Apparently no one had spread the word that we were coming back because Helen, the owner's wife, blocked the road when we tried to get back to our site, until one of the park workers who recognized me, old her that we were just returning and she moved her truck so we could get by. The only problem we had while setting up was that the rear stabilizer refused to go down, but I'll look at it in the morning when it's not as damp and cold.

It was pretty miserable when we arrived, about 55 degrees and very damp, but it got worse over night. It rained off and on all night but at least it didn't get as cold as was forecast. They had predicted 28 tonight but it only went down to the low 40's. I'll take it but the week isn't over yet and more cold is predicted. We'll see...

So long.


C.J. Bearden said...

Jay and Stella - so happy you got to Vern's. Loved eating there whenever I was in Fort Collins. Hope you get the rear stabilizer problem worked out.

Speedy said...

Jay and Stella...You don't know us...we have been full timing since 2008. We are planning on staying in Creede Colorado next summer. We really have enjoyed reading about your stay there. We hope to get reservations for June July and August of next year.

Joe and Sherri