Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday September 16, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

The only thing we did today was start making the preparations to leave on Tuesday. We ate breakfast here and watched some football on television. The games in the east begin a 10 o'clock here in Mountain time, so the games were over earlier and I was able to get to work outside.

I washed the truck and trailer and waxed the front cap and doorside of the trailer. It was hard work but I got it done and both look great! I also took down some of the yard art that I put out during our stay here.

I visited some with Bill during the afternoon. Many people are leaving soon but Bill and Mary are planning to stay until the end of the month. We will be back here next week, since our time here is paid until the 29th but we're planning to have a good time at the Colorado chapter rally this weekend.

I had trouble getting to sleep tonight because of my sore shoulders from waxing but some aspirin  took care of that little problem. Maybe this should be a lesson to me to do more work so I won't be so sore and out of shape. We will soon be at Inks Lake where we will work until January, so maybe they'll make me work enough to stay in shape.

So long.

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