Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunday September 2, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

We went to church for the last time this morning. Lots of activities and stores close after Labor Day and today was the final church service at the park. They even served some of the delicious cinnamon rolls from the bakery in town.

Today was the locally-famous homemade soapbox derby in downtown Creede. We met all of our friends from the park downtown in front of one of the hamburger joints to watch the races. Since the racers were all locals, we didn't know anyone in the races but they were still fun to watch. There were some very weird vehicles in the races and the only thing I can tell you is that last year's winner got beaten pretty bad.

It was a good way to spend a few hours and after some shopping at some of the local stores and a short trip to the grocery store, we came back home. The summer fun will be over soon as people leave to return home or wherever they go after spending the summer in cool Colorado.

So long.


Jennifer said...

Summer's almost over? It was 105 here today, thankyouverymuch. Maybe it will be cooler by the time you get back into this part of the world. I HOPE it is, anyway!

Larry and Samantha Bandstra said...

Hard to believe summer is over and a lot of places close so early up north. Running into that for our trip to MI next month.
Safe travels .