Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday September 29, 2012-Moving day-Corral RV Park, Dalhart to Tye RV Park, Tye Texas

It was a very pleasant night here at the Corral in Dalhart. We didn't discover until we arrived that we had stayed here with Tyler and Cameron a couple of years ago.

I slept late (for me) and Stella slept until almost 7, but it didn't take long for us to get started and we still pulled out about 8:20.

It started to rain on us when we had only gone a short distance and it rained on us all the way to Tye TX where we decided to stay tonight. There is nothing here but bare ground and full hookups, so its okay for an overnight stop. The office was different than most parks. They have a sign on the door to put your check or cash in an envelope and into a drop box and go pick out a site. Keep in mind that this is during business hours... A guy rode up in a golf cart, looking like Goober. He did escort me to a site, but I guess a nice trailer like the Landmark deserved better service. We have the nicest trailer in the entire park! We are out in the middle of the park, all by ourselves.

So long.

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Larry and Samantha Bandstra said...

Funny. I kind of like parks like that as long as I feel safe.