Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday September 23, 2012-Lakeside KOA, Fort Collins CO

Today was the final day of the Colorado chapter. We have had a great time here and I will recap this weekend for you.

Thursday, most of the rest of the rally attendees arrived and the fun really began. Everyone went their own ways for supper but we had a nice chat at Bob's site. We had a very good time with this Colorado group.

Friday morning, our friend Dave who is the Wyoming Chapter Leader, made waffles for breakfast and we all enjoyed them. We went with Dave and Amy to the Fort Collins Brewery where we had some good microbrewery beers and some really tasty sandwiches for lunch. We came back home and relaxed and went to the potluck dinner tonight. We had a nice campfire later to end the night

Saturday morning one of the Colorado chapter members, Monica and her husband Don fixed breakfast burritos for everyone and they were great. Stella had stopped at one of our neighbors to visit and I stopped and talked to them. We all went to a seminar from Windish RV on RV maintenance and winterizing. They also prepared hamburgers and hot dogs for us with all the fixin's. We had an impromptu potluck with leftovers from the potluck dinner the night before with a campfire after.

Today, most of the folks had to go back home but four trailers stayed behind including us. We saw everyone off and went back home to watch football (and nap) and we all got together to go out to eat at a place called Vern's Place. The food was good old home style food and was very good. We all enjoyed our meal and returned to the park for our last campfire. It was a great way to end the rally!

So long.

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