Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trip to the Rio Grande reservoir-August 27-2012

We took a ride up to the headwaters of the Rio Grande where there is a huge reservoir. There are a couple of other reservoirs that our neighbors fished in but this one is much too dificult to get to for fishing.

This sign said 1912 but I'm not sure this is an original sign. I suppose that steel plate could have survived for 100 year.
 There were so many beautiful pictures of the river, it was very hard to choose just one, but this one is pretty good.
 I'm not sure about how long the Little Squaw Resort has been back here, but I'll bet there is a very interesting history for this place. Perhaps one of you know something about it, or maybe you or your family have actually been there? If so, please let me know and I'll share the information.
 The reservoir is about 3.5 miles long. It's probably about 75-100 yards wide and no telling how deep.
                 When you're driving alongside, it seems to run on forever!
      Pretty steep banks leading down make it very dificult to fish this pond!
 With these rocks overhanging, I wouldn't want to bring my trailer down this road.
                                           Just a beautiful sight!
 There is a ranch somewhere down the valley. We got tired and turned around before getting there.
                      The road seems to run right up into the mountains.

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