Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trip to Freeman August 24, 2012

Remember the trip we took over to the settlement of Freeman? This is the gallery where Mary and Lori took lessons on weaving on looms. The upstairs is the weaving area, and I'm told that the lady there can not only weave on a loom, but she can take the raw wool and make it into yarn. A very talented lady!

 Below is a photo of part of the building and more low-hanging clouds. I must have obsessed with the clouds because I took several photos of them that day.
                                             See more clouds!

                                  The beautiful Rio Grande River.

Pinon pine cones. I've never seen these before and was fascinated by them!
 This is the Rio Grande river again but in a different area. A bear and her cubs were seen along here a day or two before we were here. No bears today...
 This is the road beside the same section of the Rio Grande where the road was closed for awhile because of a large rock slide. You could see the marks left by the rocks, but we were lucky and weren't caught up in a slide.

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