Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday September 19, 2012-Lakeside KOA

The weather here is not as cool as Creede but not warm either. We didn't get up and go outside as early here, at least today, since we're the first to arrive for the rally. In fact, we stayed inside until we went to run errands. Fort Collins is much, much bigger than Creede with stores, shopping centers etc. but traffic isn't too bad. 

We made our shopping list and went to Sam's Club first. I bought a heavier jacket for working at the state park when we get back to Texas and some rechargeable batteries for my camera. That camera seems to eat batteries unless I use the more expensive AA batteries, so I decided to try the rechargeable ones this time. We'll see how that works out. We finished up our shopping at the RVer's store (Wal Mart) and came on back home.

When we arrived back here, we had a new neighbor, Lou who was just setting up. When he got through, I walked over and talked to him for awhile. His wife hadn't come down with him today but he will go pick her up tomorrow so she can be here for the rally.

I went back inside and began working on another rally that we are hosting in Iowa and stayed inside to work on this blog, downloading a lot of pictures, which I am relieved to be able to do. I went for so long without a good Internet connection, that I have hundreds of pictures to share. I will continue to work on that.

I went back outside later in the afternoon and found that we had several new neighbors. Bob Wengler, the Chapter Leader for Colorado, came down and we had a nice chat. Our next door neighbors are Morris and Kathy but they were tired from the trip, and after getting set up, stayed inside their trailer.

Bob invited us down to his site later in the evening for a campfire and chat. We went down and met another couple that had come in, Don and Jennifer, who came all the way from Kansas to attend the rally. The fire didn't cooperate all that well, so we didn't stay out too late because everyone (but us) was tired from the trip and it was cool tonight so we turned in. It was a nice way to start the rally with more new friends and lots of fellowship. There will be more arrivals tomorrow, so stay tuned.

So long.

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