Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday September 9, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Today's entry will actually start with last night's supper. We decided to go out for Pat and Lori's last night here and went into town to go to the Firehouse for supper. When we got there, we found that they had closed, as have several of the other restaurants in town. They all rely on forign students for the waitstaff, and they have all gone back to Europe for school. "Not a big deal" we thought as we crossed the street to the hotel for supper. We had heard from others in th park that the hotel had good food, but everyone had gone for lunch. The supper menu was different and much higher in price! Then, when I ordered a shrimp and avocado salad, I learned that they had run out of shrimp, which is a common occurrence in Creede. Everyone in town, from the grocery store to the restaurants, only get their supplies in once a week, so if you go there on the wrong day, be prepared because they might be out of whatever you want. It has happened to us twice before, so I just ordered something else. We had a nice meal and it was good to spend time with our friends.

This morning, everyone woke up hungry, so we (Pat and Lori, Bill and Mary, and us) decided to go to MJ's for breakfast. Luckly, they had everything that we wanted in stock, so we had a good breakfast. When we finished eating, we returned to the park and Pat and Lori got everything packed and pulled out around 11 for home.

Just to bring you up to date on our plans, we will be leaving here on Sept. 18th for Fort Collins CO where the Colorado chapter rally will be held. Then, against my better judgement, we'll return here until the 28th when we'll go to Pat and Lori's house in Los Alamos. We'll leave there for Boerne on Oct. 1st and things will be back to normal. We're still going to Inks Lake state park for the fall, and we're looking forward to it.

There is a large rally of Excel trailers here now, but I believe they will start leaving tomorrow, so the park will be pretty empty and should be almost completely empty by the end of the week, as I've been told. Bill and Mary are staying until the last day (Oct. 1) before they leave, so they'll probably get to see some snow before they leave. I'd like to see some too but not while we're on the road!

So long.

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