Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friday March 22, 2013-Coffee Creek RV Resort

I'll say one thing for this place, it has good sleeping! I slept until 7:30 this morning! I like it... It was cool this morning and remained so all day.

This is not really dynamite but fire starters. It is written in VERY small letters on the top and  bottom of the box. I'll bet you'd get a policeman or fireman excited if he saw these in your truck!

I make no recommendation on this meat rub but it smelled good and had a cute name. There were other rubs offered with risque names, but since this is a family blog, I won't publish the pictures of them.

The rest of our attendees arrived today and several of us went over Weatherford for lunch at a place call The Shed. This is a very interesting place, with the entrance through a huge stove and fireplace shop. They offer many different stoves, from outdoor chimeneas to indoor pellet stoves. With the cool weather today, many of the stoves were operating today. Outside, they had a chiminea burning some very good smelling pinon wood.

They had a huge selection of junk of all sorts displayed there. It was a cross between an antique store and the store showed on the television show "American Pickers". It was interesting to walk through, browsing at all the "stuff".

The reason that we came was for the kitchen and food offerings. They had everything from delicious soup to very tasty sandwiches. We all enjoyed our meals and our time together.

We came back to the park in time to take a nap before the opening ceremonies of the rally at an ice cream social time. We had about five varieties of ice cream, brownies and toppings, and later everyone was introduced. Terry did a very good job of kicking things off, but when that was over, we broke up into a few groups to play dominoes. One pretty large group just sat at one of the tables and got to know each other and chatting.

It was a good day and the rally has begun!

So long.

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