Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday March 13, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

We spent a nice day yesterday with Tyler and Cameron. We got them up at the crack of 9 and went to eat a great breakfast at Kelley's Country Kitchen. This is an old favorite with us and they have the best breakfast specials anywhere!

Here are the boys, piled up in the bed. They seem to love the blow-up mattress in the couch because they slept hard. That is Cameron rolled up like a mummy on the left and Tyler, breathing through his mouth on the right.

After breakfast, we took a drive down to Galveston. It has been awhile since we've been down here and I'm not sure about the last time the boys were there. Anyhow, we enjoyed the day in G-Town. We drove down to the end of the seawall and saw a large ship passing by and I showed them the old Fort San Jacinto on the east end of the island. The fort was built originally by the French in about 1890 when large batteries of guns were placed there to protect the island and defend the Port of Galveston. The fort remained off and on during the First World War and into the Second World War, when it was finally decommissioned and all the guns removed. I pointed out several historic buildings and the remains of some of the other gun emplacements. I can remember as a teenager that some of the gun emplacements were still there, but nothing remains now.

We fooled around with them all day long. We brought them back home with us and ate a bite of Stella's goulash but I was still full of breakfast and didn't eat. We took them home in time for Cam to go to Friendswood for baseball practice and returned to take Tyler to Driver's Education. It was a very nice day with the boys. We don't get to spend very much time with them any more. They are growing up so fast, and stay so busy...

Today we stayed home and got some repairs done to the trailer. We had ordered a replacement blind back when we ordered the stabilizer and it had come in while we were gone. They shipped it from the Katy store down here to this store and today it was installed. I also got Chris, one of the technicians here to help me get the new doors installed for the cabinets beside the television. It looks MUCH better now. Thank you Jim Beletti!

Before the new doors are installed.

After installation. What do you think? I like it!

So long.

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TV cabinet looks great!